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NSJ Volume 1, issue3, November 2022


Genetic Analysis of TP53 Gene Mutations in Exon 4 and Exon 8 among Esophageal Cancer Patients in Sudan


Sulafa Mohamed Eltaher, Abeer Babiker Idris, Mahmoud A, Mawadah Yousif Mohamed YousifMuzamil M. Abdel HamidKamal ElzakiElsiddig, Galal Mohammed Yousif, Mohamed A. Hassan
* Corresponding author: Sulafa Mohamed Eltaher, Assistant Professor. The Academy of Health Sciences, ThebRepublic of Sudan Federal Ministry of Health, Khartoum, Sudan.
Email: Sulafaeltaher@hotmail.com
DOI = https://doi.org/10.53796/NSJ131
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Assessment of Nurses’ Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Oral Hygiene for Intensive Care Unit Patients at seven Governmental Hospital In Khartoum State, Sudan, 2020-2021

Mazin Babiker , Emad Abd alkarim, Amar Nooraldin
* Corresponding author: Dr. Amar Nooraldin, assistant professor of restorative dentistry,
department of dentistry, Napata College, Khartoum, Sudan.
Email: drammaronline@yahoo.com

DOI = https://doi.org/10.53796/NSJ132

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Pendred Syndrome and Role of Pendrin on Thyroid Physiology


Nada Mukhtar
*  Corresponding author: Nada Mukhtar, Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry
and Molecular Biology, Napata College, Khartoum, Sudan.
Email: nadamukhtarha@gmail.com

DOI = https://doi.org/10.53796/NSJ133

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Correlation between Oral Premalignant Lesions and Tobacco Use


Raneem Mohammed SalahEldin AbdElgadir, Abrar Ahmed Alyayeb, Afra Siddig Mohammed,Alaa Abdallah Abakr, Hiba Salah FadlAlseed, Ahmed Hashim MohannedSalih Alfaki
*Corresponding author: Dr. Ahmed Hashim, Assistant professor, dentistry, Napata College,
Khartoum, Sudan.
Email: ahmedsalihcancerregistry@gmail.com

DOI = https://doi.org/10.53796/NSJ134

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Case study: Contributory Factors to In-hospital Maternal Mortality in a Governmental Hospital in Khartoum State in 2006


Christelle Evans, Mutasim El-Feel. Abdelmageed Osman.
*Corresponding author: Dr. Abdelmageed Osman, Associate Professor, Department of
Community Medicine/International University of Africa Faculty of Medicine and Health
Sciences, Khartoum, Sudan.
Email: majeed_osm@yahoo.com

DOI = https://doi.org/10.53796/NSJ135

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Memorial of a Sudanese Scholar (Dr. Abd-Allah Eltaye Abd-Allah, 1921-2003)

Editor: Dr .Mohammed Elhassan Altikena


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Napata College
Napata Research and Innovation Center (NARIC)
Napata First Scientific Conference
Theme “Advances in Scientific Research”

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