NSJ  Vol.1 Issue 1 , March 2022 

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The vision of the journal is to bequeath academic podium to researchers across the globe to publish their original, innovative, pragmatic and high-quality research work.

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  –Professor Hasan Abu’Aisha Hamid         -Dr.Sarah Hamad                                  -Professor Elzubair B Taha

                                                                                      – Dr.Hasan I.Osman                                                      -Dr.Rodaina Ahmed

                                                                                    – Dr.Tamador E.B Taha                                          -Dr.Rodaina I Osman  



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        NSJ  Vol.1 Issue 1 , March 2022 

On behalf of the co-editors, I am delighted to announce the publication of the opening issue of Napata College Scientific Journal.

Since it’s unfolding in 2015, the Khartoum based Napata College has encouraged research in globally emerging vital fields to help prepare its young staff and students for wider choices and enhanced competitiveness in the international arena.

Napata College values interdisciplinary research to help open broader horizons beyond narrower disciplines.

Napata is strongly committed to sharing its research findings with fellow researchers worldwide

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Napata Scientific Journal, Vol.1 (1) 2022 pp 3-16


Genetic variation among Sudanese Leishmania donovani

Corresponding author: Dr. Sara Hamad Hassab Elgawi

. hassabelgawish@hotmail.com, sarahamad@napata.edu.sd.

Napata Scientific Journal, Vol.1 (1) 2022 pp. 17-29


 Phytochemical Screening, Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Activities of Ziziphus spina-christi (L.)Leaves extracts

Yasmin Hassan Elshiekh

Industrial Sciences, University of Bahri, Khartoum, Sudan. yasmin_hassan13@yahoo.com

Napata Scientific Journal, Vol.1 (1) 2022 pp. 30-44


 Phytochemical Analysis of Ethanolic Extracts of Three Sudanese Tribulus species

A. Hilmi , H. H. EL-Kamali  , A. M. Aldai

Corresponding Author: zahir.hilmi@gmai.com

                   Napata Scientific Journal, Vol.1 (1) 2022 pp. 45-57


 Somebody relationships in 15 populations of two Nile Cichlids in the Sudan

O.M. Omer, A.H Abdalla, E A. Hagar; Z.N. Mahmoud

Corresponding author:zuheirnm@hotmail.com

     Napata Scientific Journal, Vol.1 (1) 2022 pp. 58-99


A Review of Parasites of Freshwater Fishes of the Sudan from 1902 to 2020

N. Mahmoud, R. M. Abdalla

Corresponding author: zuheirnm@hotmail.com.

Napata Scientific Journal, Vol.1 (1) 2022

Kingdom of NAPATA

Archaeological relics and findings of historical research indicate that Sudan has witnessed the rise and fall of regional civilizations for more than ten thousand years. Of all those civilizations the era of the Sudanese Napatan Empire was the greatest in sub-Saharan Africa. Napata Empire began to blossom mid eleventh century BC and survived for a thousand years. The most prosperous period of the Napatan Empire is represented in Egyptology by the 25th dynasty particularly during the pharoship of Taharka (690-660 BC) during whose rule extensive pyramids, settlements and temples were built, the remains of which can still be seen.


Napata Scientific Journal, Vol.1 (1) 2022


Memorial of Scholar



 Professor Tigani El Mahi (1911-1970)

Photo source: (1)

The Republic of the Sudan has, since its independence in 1956 (2), to the best of its ability attempted to promote the absolute necessity of education and has seen to it that it manifests itself as a participant in the world stage. Despite this, Sudanese scholars are almost never mentioned in popular academic media. Here in NSJ, we have decided to manifest ourselves as a force of change and to, to the best of our ability, see to it that these under-recognized scholars are shined forth as they always should have. In this edition of NSJ, our persona of the edition is the father of African psychiatry, Professor Tigani El Mahi of the Republic of the Sudan.


Napata Scientific Journal, Vol.1 (1) 2022

Book Review

The Sudan Manual for Medical Emergencies

First Edition 2022

Edited by:

Hasan abuaisha/ Elwaleed Ali Elhassan





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