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NSJ Vol.1 Issue 2 , JULY 2022


Preliminary Phytochemical Screening, Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Activities of Xylopia aethiopica (Dunal) A. Rich Fruits

Elshiekh Y.H, Alnoor G.H, Hussein S. E , Abdalrhman M.I , Rahmtalla H.A

*corresponding author: Dr. Yasmin Hassan Elshiekh, Assistant professor, University of Bahri,
Khartoum, Sudan. Email: yasmin_hassan13@yahoo.com

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Design of Multi-Epitope Vaccine from Nipah Virus proteome
using Immunoinformatics approach

Zaki E.A Mohamed S.B , Hamad S.H, Ali S.S

* Corresponding author: Dr. Ebreez Ahmed Foud Ali Zaki, Bioinformatics Department, Napata
College, Khartoum, Sudan.
Email: ebreezzaki15@gmail.com

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Association of Serum Lipid Profile Levels in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients with Cardiovascular Disease: a case control study, Khartoum State

Mohammed M.A, Mohammed I.A, Ismail A.M, Ali A.M, Dafaalla M.H, Mohammed R.K ,Edris S.M, Ali S.Y, Nourallah S.A, Abdalla I.A, Mohamed E.A, Mohamed A.A, Ali A.O, Alnil A.H

*corresponding author: Dr. Mogtaba Ahmed Mohamed, Assistant Professor, Omdurman Islamic University,

Email: mogtaba1122@gmail.com

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Changes in the degree of ventricular hypertrophy following administration of Losartan potassium compared to L-NAME (L – Arginine Methyl Ester)

Abdelwahab M.S,  Mohamed A.H, Khalaf –ALLA O.

*Corresponding Author: Dr. Muhanad Saad Abdelwhab, Assistant professor, Napata Collage –department of Physiology.

Email: Muhanadsaad08@gmail.com

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Variables affecting compliance of diabetic patients with their respective Management Protocol at Ribat University Hospital, Khartoum – Sudan 2021

Osman R.I,  EzzaldeinR.B, OsmanN.B, Rashid.M.S

∗Corresponding Author: Rudaina Ismail Osman, NAPATA Research and Innovation Center, NAPATA, Khartoum Sudan.

E-mail: rudaina61@gmail.com

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Community attitudes toward efficacy of standard COVID- 19 preventive measures in Khartoum state

Mohamed E.O, Ahmed E.A, Gismalla K.A, Bastawi M.A, Khojali E.M, Salih A.E

Corresponding author: Ahmed Emadaldeen Salah, NAPATA College, department of medical laboratory.

Email: Ahmed.research@aou.edu.sd

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Direct fragment reattachment of a complicated crown root fracture of maxillary lateral incisor: A case report

Awooda E.M, Elsheikh A.M, Abdalhaleem I.M

*Correspondence Author: Dr. Elhadi Awooda, Associate professor, Napata College, Khartoum,Sudan.

Email: sowaraldahb@gmail.com

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Memorial of a Sudanese Scholar
Prof. Mahjoub Obied Taha


Corresponding author:Dr. Mohammed Elhassan Altikaena

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