Memorial Of A Sudanese Scholar (Dr. Abd-Allah Eltaye Abd-Allah, 1921-2003)

Abd-Allah Altayeb Abd-Allah was born in the village of Temirab, west of Aldamar Town on the
25th of Ramadan 1339-AH – corresponding to 2 June 1921. He died on 19th. of June 2003. His
parents were Altayeb – Abd Allah Altayeb and Aisha Jalal Aldin.
He studied in Kassala, ALDamer, Berber Schools and read for his university degree in Gordon
Memorial College in Khartoum. He was then sent to the University of London at the Institute of
Oriental and African Studies where he received his doctorate in 1950. He taught in Omdurman
El-Ahlia secondary school, Bakhat Elrida Institute for teachers` training and joined the
University of Khartoum in 1955.
He was later on appointed dean of the Faculty of Arts for 13 years (1961-1974) during which he
successfully accomplished a great deal of improvements to the curriculm of the Faculty.
He introduced Bachelor Degree Programme in French, German, Russan and Chinese Languages,
in addition to psychology, Philosophy, Archeology and Transilation.
He worked hard for adopting Arabic Language as the medium of instruction in university
Abd-Allah Eltayeb sacrified all his time, efforts and potentialities to a noble goal, that was to
keep the Arabic language vibrant, vivid and popular. He worked hard for 50 years to achieve that
goal not without many opponents and aggressive opposition.
In 1969 secular and communists group staged a successful coup de tat ku in the Sudan. The
University of Khartoum was targeted in particular and the communists consequently gained
leadership of the university and without delay issued a presidential decree to terminate the
service of 19 professors including Abd- Allah Altayeb.
Soon after been dismissed from the University of Khartoum in 1970 he was invited by the
University of Ahmedo Bello in Nigeria. He helped establishing Abd –Allah Bayrou College
which in a few years supposed to a University. After many years in Nigeria he was invited to
Morocco to work as Dean of higher studies in the faculty of Arts the University of Sayed
Mohammed Bin Abd –Allah in the town of Fes.

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